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Leaving Something Behind
On slippery downhill slope, of yesterdays
Allow me not to bump into its people,
For I am my own today, we each can say,
Each footstep is a climb, a personal goal.

If my life privilege were to end this year
The end of scenting thoughts, would distract,
No time to think of laughter producing a tear
No chance to react, though my heart is packed?

Misconduct disrupts, corrupts tomorrow’s memories
Unnecessary to think about china, or silverware,
What we leave to the world is more importantly
Why the downhill slope is needed to take us where ..

The uphill climb is so worth the smile, and dignity
Loneliness is your life waiting for you,
Idle time is already accounted for eternity
Take the test of time, remarkable is something to do!

When was the last time you felt your spirit come alive!!?

He Gave Me A Memory!!
One day, my friend an I were out shopping in a grocery
store/deli type place. Music was playing joyfully.
We were just laughing, an enjoying our day,
and this man came up to me, and handed me a rose,
an asked me to dance right there in the open space!!
He told me he had worked hard all day on his construction site,
and meant no harm.
Ha! Laughing as I was, danced I did,what fun!
He gave me a memory!
And the people were cheering!
Laugh if you will..
But that is the kind of thing we need more of!
Instead of on the spot killing’s damaging our spirits.
We can take over disgruntle with good cheer.
Spread it around like wild fire! It will extinguish hatred!
We have that power!
No, everyone will not like everyone, personalities came this way.
but we can still spread cheer, and kindness,and helping hands.
And when we go inside our homes at night, and close our doors,
just knowing that it was a good day for so many more, is ..
'leaving something behind”!


By Myth

© 2017 Myth (All rights reserved)


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