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Two Feet
Two Feet

She can remember, the days they walked down the beach
Two boys, one girl, six little feet
The girl showing her, all one had found
one boy, enjoying, just running around

The smallest, just walking, not making a sound
Suddenly, it caught her eye, the sic were four
Silence, world stopped, a mother's heart tore
Some asked, young and old, anyone one could see

Her desperate search for two little feet, felt like eternity
With despair in her heart, she looked to heaven to pray
her world begun turning, he was walking her way
Yes, there he was, walking hand in hand

with what had to be, an angel of a man
Each and everyone, could see the joy, sorrow was gone
For she walked with two little feet, once lost, grew
becoming a handsome man, marrying a beautiful wife, too

When during the first month of the year, their love complete
They held, loved, their own two precious little feet

By Mario William Vitale

© 2017 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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