An Unbelievable World
An Unbelievable World
the hues of summer
shaded beneath sunlit skies
a view to behold

I see the hues of summer, once but an imagined painting to gift my world. But now? Yes, now, they express nature's beauty as they begin to color an unbelievable world with a nearly heart-stopping melody of artwork's song.  I hear the chords of green and the lyrics of avian cacophony. How talented is the Master Artist, the composer of song and word! How blessed we are that He shares His paintings, His brilliant sonatas, His words of hope and faith.  How  grateful am I that He guides my pen and whispers to me words to encourage faith in Him, words to shine light upon His world, simple words that I may scribe and share of His special gift!  Yes, how truly grateful am I that He trusts me to do so!

words to encourage
drift across whispering winds
to be heard and shared

a variation of a haibun written for the All Stars challenge
host: Cherry
phrase: words to encourage

By Myrna D.

© 2017 Myrna D. (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - All Stars Challenge with cherrykc (Cherry) -read page for rules, info, REQUIRED PHRASE (challenge has been closed)

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