I Send
To hear the sounds of morning far away know we attained our goals.
Blush on then dear for I love that blush and the promise that it holds.
I will always make you blush there's no secret left of places unknown.
Explore me inch by inch, I've dreamed sensuality soothes to the bone.

Pulse within your neck, radiance of your skin to my touch.
W'll never be put to rest to flames of passion we will rush.
I tremble and to your eyes I rush, promise slowly I will go.
Give myself to you with passions' ecstasy you surely know.

Breathless you wait for me to enter, did we just make love.
I breathe, you share air with me, yes, that we did my love.
My voice it trembles my body it does shake.
With feral wants for you I just have to take.

You laugh and I accept with joy the pleasure.
Return to you a love I hope you will treasure.
I have tears in my eyes my heart does pound..
From the roofs' edge dripping an icicles' sound.

Rest my love next to me hold fast this night we share.
Should you turn and wake you'll know that I am there.
I lay on you eyes closed for if I wake the dream will end.
Dream will never end but lie on me accept what is I send.

'to hear the sounds of morning'

By panther811

© 2017 panther811 (All rights reserved)


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