Through It All
There was that buxom beauty with flowing blond hair.
You didn't let me fall, knew she really didn't care.
Found a honey from my youth who would do me no wrong.
Stand me up at the altar, marriage was mine for a song.

Home, three children, good job, gun for hire.
Dark Brooklyn street, and a perps' gun misfire.
The fire escape and I left the building, from the third floor one night.
Thought a fall from grace, but a pile of garbage broke that flight.

Fifteen years married now comes a divorce.
Who could be at fault, why I am of course.
Your power kept me standing, found a new wife.
We didn't stay married, but are friends true for life.

Kids grew up well, and the grand kids are fine.
Retired in sunshine, the good life is mine.
You found me a good gal, made things complete.
Then came the day couldn't stand on my feet.

As I sit here typing there's a smile on my face.
Cause when I think on it, could have been worse.
Through the times when I stumbled, headed for a fall.
Your strength, faith, and love guided me through it all.


'eptk' - kept

By panther811

© 2017 panther811 (All rights reserved)


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