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Is it worth it

I sometimes wonder how long to hold on to someone who just doesn't want to change
It hard each day, trying to just show kindness, to someone who transfers the blame
on you, for all that happens each day, covers you with what isn't you , the shame
of sticking in this mess, because you care about him, you kneel each day to pray

When do you finally throw in the towel, walk away, find a new life
after so many years of marriage, both retired, you think things like this
wouldn't happen, lessons from all those years of marriage you shared
would hold you tighter together, not leave you in foggy despair.

need to clear your head, from controlling features, so many years
you gradually get use to it, till you realize
its bringing you , less peace, joy, and so much insincerity arrives
in your life,

but you try another day, to wake up to progress, of learning
that this day will be different,learning survival skills
so your heart isn't broken, stronger
with the help of God, too not be offended anymore, knowing your
a child of God, and He is the sick one who needs to meet Jesus at the cross.

Till the lord takes you home, He will see- MAYBE- someday, what he has lost.


By girlsisy

© 2018 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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