Get Rid Of The Advertisements

Looking out of the window
Traffic going by
Where are they going
And I wonder why?
Everyone is busy
No time to stop
Running here and there
Twenty four seven
Turns the clock
Phone and chatter secret code
Voice mail on overload
Foot to the metal
Booked for speeding
Granny's in hospital
Her cats want feeding
Children in the car late for school
Dad's sweating but trying to keep cool
There we are he say's
A minute to spare
As they forget their lunch boxes
and run into school without a care
He's late for work now
his boss is on the phone
Traffic building up
Stress isn't on loan
Everyone is busy
On the twenty four seven clock
where society is expected
To be robotic with minds like a rock

By listener

© 2017 listener (All rights reserved)


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