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Paradise Now
All you need is one word,
Erase just one word
from the minds of the people,
Root out just one idea, one concept;
Eliminate Religion from the
dictionary of humankind—
Man’s most stupendous and
the gravest faux pas!

And, you’ll see peace,
happiness, brotherhood.

Then there won’t be any infidels,
No gentiles, No heathens,
No pagans, No Idol worshipers.
No racism, no hatred, no jihad,
No crusades, no inquisition,
No persecution, no repercussion.

No church, no mosque,
No temple, no synagogue,
No holy scriptures
No words of God
No places of pilgrimage
No holy sites, no holy icons,
There won’t be a pope or a priest,
Nor any saint or a swami,
No mullah, no imam,
No pundit or any rabbi.

No one to dupe you,
No one to lure you,
No Satan, no sin,
No guilty conscience,
No need for confession
No need for salvation;

And what the hell,
There won’t be any hell!

For Pete’s sake,
The Paradise is here and now.

By Abdul_Malik

© 2017 Abdul_Malik (All rights reserved)


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