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Before the Storm
Waves of anxiety crash around my thoughts
Leaving strife and dismay rattling about
Crouched in the corner of my mind I weep
I canít go back and undo the things Iíve done
But my feet wonít carry me forward
Stuck in limbo between who I was and who Iím going to be
Trapped inside myself until my heart lets go
The tempting emotions consume my being
Chewing me up internally
Words are thrown at me by those I held dear
Iíve lost respect where favour needing losing
Overcome by the contempt Iíve been shown
Decompressed anger shoots through my veins
Shattering my once beating heart
My soul hasnít combusted yet
But I feel an explosion coming on
I already know the aftertaste will linger
Destroying those in my path
I struggle to reign myself in
While the clouds grow darker
Freedom from this mental war is what I seek
The hurricane hasnít touched the surface
Itís still raging on my inner being
Inside Iím hoping the damage isnít severe
Begging those I love to run and take cover
Before the storm sets in and Iím lost at war with myself again.

7 July 2017

Just a poem about my anxiety and bi-polar.

By Amara13

© 2017 Amara13 (All rights reserved)


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