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Improvement of Faith
Heís always been there,
From the very start.
Heís always cared,
Even before I gave Him my heart.
He knows what I have to say,
Before I even think.
When my words get in the way,
And my heart is on the brink.
He knows when my heart,
Just wonít stop aching.
Before I even start,
His love is there for the taking.
He has never been,
Nor will ever be,
A problem, an issue, but my sin,
Keeps reminding me.
My time, my stuff, my me,
Is the only thing,
That getís in between,
His love that sets me free.
So here I sit,
In silence, still,
Waiting for the Holy Spirit,
To let me just feel.
His mercy, grace,
And never ending love.
Until I see Him face to face,
In that heavenly home above.
Iíll strive to spend time daily,
Searching through His word.
Iíll have to admit though lately,
Quiet time has been unheard.
Itís only me,
And my excuses,
That need to see,
Any improvement.

By macwriter

© 2018 macwriter (All rights reserved)


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