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My preference Winter
I am not a fan of the summer heat, beneath the broiling sun on high
I try to enjoy each day, so very sweet, I love the deep blue of the sky
Love the flowers along the road side growing, do not like the grass for mowing
I love the butterflies, the birds as they fly, the humming birds as they fly by
Beneath the skies of summer, I prefer the drumming of the winters slumber
I can dress warmly for the snow fall, but the summer, I do not miss it, at all
My youth, long gone, dance for the sublimes, hoping that my words do rhyme
When all is said and done, never dance for anyone, save our Gods' own son
My strength is sapped, now time for my nap, amidst the fading of the sun
Should Jesus come upon this fine day, to take me home on high, I do so pray
Someday, my time will come again, when, with rejoicing shout his Holy name

Just for the love of it phrase

beneath the skies of summer

By olderandbolder

© 2017 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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