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As long as we have love
We can give love,
For true love is pure.

It's purity is a treasure
Of beauty and elation,
That comes from the heart.

A human emotion
With so much appeal,
Like the warmth of the sun.

Sharing feelings of joy
Happiness, and fun,
Show love to everyone.

For peace and love
Are the essence of life,
And perfect bliss.

The romance and passion
To touch, to feel, to need,
To embrace love.

To create to sow a seed
Of beauty, to create life,
From the gift of love.

The elation and the kisses
The sheer embrace,
Of a child's birth.

There is nothing to compare
To share with those you love,
So give love and show you care.

It makes the world a better place
It brings smiles to every face,
Peace calm and joy to the human race.

By listener

© 2017 listener (All rights reserved)


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