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In My Thoughts

The Sprinkling Passion of a Morning Rain
When I think of You I Feel it Again
The Heart is Such a Fickle Thing
Cold as the Winter, Yet Warm as the Spring

Who Can Know The Heart
And Why it Loves Who it Loves
Passion is Like Fire in the Rain
Or Lightning Coming From Above

I'll Never Forget the Times With You
And How My Heart Would Leap
How We Shared Our Love on a Summer Day
How I Dreamt of You in My Sleep

Like Flowers Soaking Up Morning Dew
You Made Me Blossom Within
Every Now And Then I Think of You
And I Feel Your Love Again

Though Thief Snuck In And Wrent Askew
The Bond That Held Us Together
I'll Never Regret My Love For You
And I'll Remember You Forever

The Times We Shared Were So Precious and Dear
They Will Always Warm My Heart
Like A Bright Sun Shining as the Rain Comes Down
Like a Warm Cozy Fire in the Hearth

And Who Knows What the Future Holds
If We Share These Things Again or Not
The Sweetness and Beauty
Of the Girl I Once Knew
Will Always Be In My Thoughts

By Starry Knight

© 2017 Starry Knight (All rights reserved)


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