weeping embers...
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whisper of twilight time bided farewell
as the ring necked dove oiled its wings peacefully
will it be, the sounds of voices so sweet
vanishes the woes cleaved on its breast

thoughts of yesterday’s gone by
when cubic of timbers were scattered aplenty
cold nights were clothed with warmth
and the glow of burning heart glittered

streak of silver now seen on feather's tip
the ‘kata’ is unsynchronized with different cadence
the once proud aura of existence
now altered with ‘coda’ of broken notes

horizontal balance weighed more to those favored
giving no importance to what matter most
ne’er, countenance is broken, ne’er grow weary
motive is simply selfishness, demeanor remained calm

pity? nunca querida mia, nunca...
that’s how life goes, you lose, you win
point is, to be steadfast, meek yet bold
defeated yet unbroken, sails eventually catch the wind

weeping embers will suddenly burst into flame

'waltz with happiness' shadow, no one's watching'

sounds of heavy steps are closing in
ne’er was afraid, face facts courageously
this is a definite chapter in life
it is written so let it be done

…aren’t we there yet Dada?
soon ‘mon ami’, soon…

… prepared, rather to be seen not viewed
(nagsam-it ket ta isem mo nga apagbektak dungngo))

“dona nobis pacem”

By XRifles

© 2017 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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