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The Center Of Gravity
The Center Of Gravity

one can evoke fear from a dull
tormented soul,
A longing to be heard but for what ?

Still deep inside there is a beating heart
this shall light the inner spark to what I need to know
buried my head in the sand when to understand
the duration of time on its soul vested journey

A stereo plays the fond memory of a passing fade
When to be glad as we venture through the back door
A willingness to explore so much more
the center gravity has an immense pounding

rich and charming you will hear the faint cry
the rich climax of times gone by
let us learn from the mistakes we make along life's journey
Share with others the great beauty we hold in store

Choose to soar as ever high as the eagle fly's
off to a distant portal on the wings of love from above
When you at last reach the summit you shall learn
How one soul soars & the other will soon be burned

for the wicked there is never any sleep
but the righteous shall shine in a vast sparkling array of twilight
Cut in between we are just spectators looking inside a glass
Learn to grasp what has been taught

By Mario William Vitale

© 2017 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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