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Dream heart whispers.
A faintly dappled morning gleam
A piece of a half forgotten dream,
Came softly through my thoughts tonight
In jewelled laughter burning bright,
Just when I thought the time was through
When all I did was think of you,
The tide had brought you back again
In ways that I just canít explain.

Your opalescent painted face
Magnificently stained with grace,
Came shining through the heights of me
In dreams of what I thought could be,
And as the evening sauntered on
I thought again of what had gone,
Diluted in the well of time
Just like a fading piece of rhyme.

A dream the I had barely known
Still came to be my very own,
Whisper carried from my heart
Just wishing you could be a part
Of all Iíve known and all Iíve seen
And every peaceful place Iíve been,
Somewhere your flowers bloom all year
So you can wear them in your hair.

A dream that sang the songs we knew
A composite of me and you,
That held us closer every time
And wove us into heavenly rhyme,
Created all the love we share
So wonderful to really care,
To fall asleep as evening falls
Until a fresh new morning callsÖ


© 2017 WHITBYPOET1 (All rights reserved)


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