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Imploding J
You exploded like a trillion stars
Blazing fire reign down on me
The earth grounded
Thought I was grounded with you
But it was nothing but fire and dust
Ashes burnt to black
Charcoal heart remains.

Turned first waves
Ripples in a pond
Carrying a whole night
Wiping your tears from your cheek
Nodding off trying
So hard
To stay awake
To keep you beside me
Then crashing against a shore
Tsunami effect.

Now I bleed
Over and over
Again and again
on everything,
all stained red,

That it was almost something.

I got to stand near
A feeling
Without truly touching
to let it wash over me,
And destroy me so completely,
Brilliantly ending in a thousand trillion explosions,
I could not control.

Itís silence,
Finality to nothing
for you,
But everything
Absolutely everything to me.

I canít get over it,

Your look
Your words
Your arm,
Something that should have never happened,
But did
A thrashing
In my life.

Make it real again,
Pick up everything
Super nova
Implode it all,
And come back.

By lauralynn19

© 2017 lauralynn19 (All rights reserved)


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