threads and strings

threads and strings.

The ending surely was beginning's cue,
The shore line of yesterday... came into view,

While a child's glade composed, colours blending hue,
Where you found me ... I found you...

I heard pure notes a mother songbird sings
Lulling melodies of threads and strings

Tuned to the ribboned bows many colors there
Offering our gifts to God...our praise of thankful prayer

Reflecting you and more to come as life imparts
The road he made, our happy trails or path he charts

Who knew before a day is done
The harmony of threads and strings of one

Sent up upon white mist or snowy fluff on high

Yet as we draw close to God,
He draws nigh

For to know the word the ancient scroll
That lives in mind and spirit,

______________________mostly in the depth of soul...

Music Courtesy;
John Heberman

By Debera

© 2017 Debera (All rights reserved)


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