~Our Same Word~
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Watching For His Love
~a prayer~

We begin and end sweet hush
with a dream ~ and our reasons to trust
to be held ~ in Your hands ~ the frayed and worn-braided strands

Give us hope ~ and touch ~ through the hours ~ we need Your love so much
~ and we wait ~ for love's word ~ this can't be wrong ~

I'll stay close to our life song ~ just as long as i can believe
(in love)
and I know ~ if hope will stay ... then i won't go....

If we feel like we're losing ~ every dream, we must carry on
(and now)
help us please, make the way in You again...

Well I must ~ admit ~ we don't know ~ without help from above
If we stand ~ kneel or sit ~ we're watching for Your love...

~Our Same Word~

By Debera

© 2017 Debera (All rights reserved)


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