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When i was young
When I was young I worried about if my friend was going to be out to play.
When I was young I never did see a day that seemed dark and gray...

When I was young I felt safe and knew my parents were always close.
When I was young I always did what I was told, not to talk back,
or in my chores, did I slack....

Now I have children that have children themselves
I see the difference from back than and surely can tell,
that things have changed.
Both parents must work, and the children are latch key kids
They don't have the respect, like we did, or do they live
within their means...

They want everything that comes out new, and if they don't get
it they fret and make a stink, and mom and dad work hard to let
their children have what they don't need.
So you see, it's not the kids,but moms and dads who let the kids
run free.
Consequences will come after a while, cause kids need direction
and must learn to live within their means, and always accept
correction without talking back...

I know it's hard with the world the way it is right now,
but we must put our foot down and have family time around
the dinner table...
Spend more quality time with our children we must,
or we will be in a heck of a mess...

Our children need to see that material things aren't the way,
and that family is to be together and keep saying their prayers
with one another.

They need to know the most important thing in life is helping
and giving to others so they will be servants to a world
that have so many needy people, that everyday we see.

They must not be blinded to the poor and broken hearted
that need so much from us. and finish what God started.
Love your neighbor as yourself, and do unto others
as you would have them do unto you...
They need to grow up with values more then just wanting
things for themselves and learn that only things of God
are the only lasting treasures to bring
to one in need, and then they'll see what life is all about
and feel good about themselves...

Written by Janet Ford

By girlsisy

© 2017 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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