Bright Pyracanthine mirages I see before my eyes
Like flowering Amaryllis set in languid dawning skies,
The crimson pink Camellia becomes the morning sun
From purple-blue Delphinium, the new day has begun.
Forget-me-nots are sprinkled in the clouds of Snowdrop white
Where soft Dianthene fingers bathe in opalescent light,
With field of bright Anemone, in purple and in cream
All scattered in abandon, like a Cherry blossom dream.

Glistening pools shine like diamonds, from the gentle rain that falls
As the green and golden ivy creeps majestically up the walls
To meet the pink clematis intertwined with mauves and red
As the rose stands proudly by and, with grace, she bows her head
The wild and golden poppy blows in splendour through the breeze
And song birds sing the mornings welcome, whilst resting in the trees
The clouds that slowly disappear to leave a sky of blue
This wonderful panorama brings a day that is brand new.

Your life is like a garden and its needs are just the same,
It can be a place of beauty filled up with a precious flame.
It can also be a desert with a thirst when its in need,
the waters of contentment are all it takes to feed.
A garden of love is a wonderful thing,
to flourish and grow and to make your heart sing.
Your garden needs nurtured right from the start,
and all that it gives you will strengthen your heart.

The beauty of the garden brings peace and joy each day
As the flowers blossom, love too will find its way
As in spring the bulbs work hard to breakout through the earth
Love will strive to make it by dismissing tears with mirth
As the garden flourishes with a beauty so serene
This wondrous blaze of colour brings a magical scene
So as the morning awakens to a brand new day
Nourish both love and the garden in your own special way

A collaboration poem between WHITBYPOET1 (Keith) and HOLLYDAR (Pat)

By hollydar

© 2018 hollydar (All rights reserved)


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