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no human being is invincible after all
the juvenile braggadocio was temporary
cockiness and arrogance were integral multiplier
of an infantry soldier to boast ego to overcome fear

everything changed with time
after diagnosed with cancer
directions of journey were diverted
visions became hazy and blurred
gazillion questions interfered with resiliency

never asked or questioned, why?
acceptance of reality was the only sane answer
cancer is not choosy, it can affect any one
the disease was real, mean and cruel
many has been through it and faded
some get well and continue to breathe
how long? no one knows, except God
for it is like an arrow in the dark
it will hit anytime without warning

recognizing pain, grief and sadness
nullify the sting of depression and anxiety
taught me to live with my own truth
to be appreciative of what I have
‘tho little they may be
not to envy no one
with their blessings and graces

to excuse myself from useless arguments
respecting other’s methodologies to do things
to keep quiet, hear and listen
speak only if necessary, not trying to influence
mindful of own canoe to paddle
crossing my t's and dot my i's

to sing my song soft and low
and belt it out when it needs be
shout to the highest mountains
that will echo to the deepest sea

never to ass-u-me, I am always right
that will only make an a$$ you and me
accept failures as well as triumphs
for humility makes the heart glows

I learned not to be tied up
around the axle of the past
think too much about tomorrow
for it might never come
today, this moment is what count most
enjoy everything that take place
rock and roll, twist and shout, shadow box
kick and jig, dance the polka or tango
as if no one is watching

live peacefully without worry
forgive and forget, life is too precious
lighten up your burden, ease up your yoke
don't be 'pasaway, matanda na' is a cope out
old dog can learn new tricks too

don't accumulate, don't be greedy
if you want something, get it
get more and share the excess
to the least people among us
you can not carry your wealth with you
when your time expires…

dona nobis pacem!

By XRifles

© 2017 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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