Celebrate Sight
Celebrate Sight

Twelve years of magical moments
You gave me the power to see
Those sights would not be possible
Without the selfless gift you gave to me

Ever glance holds breathtaking meaning
Each image in its own right miraculous
How can I possibly express my gratitude
For a gift so incredibly stupendous

I thank you for every vision that I see
Share with you my amazement in simple sights
Take in every possible picturesque moment
Grateful to you for sharing your light

I know not what my eye may have seen
I only hope you witness new visions I see
As I watch shimmering crystals spin rainbows
I savor the moment as if you are there with me

Feel my gratitude in those awe striking seconds
When something amazing catches my eye
For twelve years I have been celebrating sight
To thank you, to honor you every day that passes by

Heather Hazlett
12 Year Cornea Transplant Recipient
July 27, 2017

Dedicated to one of the greatest heroes I have never known my Cornea Donor on this the twelfth anniversary of my Cornea Transplant! I am forever grateful for the amazing gift of sight I have received without which I would live in an extremely foggy, hazy world. Please Donate Sight & Celebrate Sight it is an incredibly precious gift! #DonateSight #DonateLife #12thCorneaTxAnniversary @Gift of Sight @CelebrateSight #Transplant Survivor #TransplantStrong

By hhazlett26

© 2018 hhazlett26 (All rights reserved)


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