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I sit upon this bank so green
When all the world is sad,
And as I look up to the blue sky
It really makes me tearful and mad.
To witness all the beauty in front of me
Nature's colours oh so bold,
And yet it makes me shiver and feel cold.
To think that nations are creating war,
And the little children will never
Witness this beauty or grow old.
My God, why don't they listen,
What have they got for blood?
They're supposed to be the wise leaders,
But all they deal in, is death and mud.
As in the first war will come misery and pain,
And sacrifice of human souls.
We have the right to be happy,
Our grandfathers fought for our peace,
So we could admire the beauty of creation,
Love and embrace each other
So that world wars and atrocity's would cease.

By listener

© 2017 listener (All rights reserved)


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