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Pit of Despair
Iím standing on the bottom
Of a pit dug just for me,
Iím peering upwards to the edge
But nothing can I see

I hear different voices
Calling out my name
Yet they sound so far away
And everythingís the same

Deep inside Iím empty
Nothing can I feel
Iím all alone and fearful
Things never change for me

Now something in me is stirring
I try to scale these walls
But despite my most valiant effort
The strength within me fails

This pit is holding me prisoner
Cowed and bound down with fear
I hear myself cry out in terror
No help comes for me.

Then suddenly I find myself flying
Bursting upwards past all the walls
Hands reach out to me from the entrance
A still voice to me softly calls

Finally I hear the chains breaking
My fear gives way to calm
As I find myself happy and peaceful
Held safe in my Saviourís arms.

So many are locked into depression
Feeling worthless in endless night
And we, as Jesusí witnesses
Must help guide them back into the Light

By Elianna

By Elianna

© 2017 Elianna (All rights reserved)


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