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Finding contentment

feeling like heaven, full of sunshine, when awakening to the light
i concentrate on this day listening to the winds as they
stir up the water, what a humble sight.
i cascade down the bank to watch the fishing boats
leave the shore, as business was at hand.

i am content and wear a smile as i walk alone, the familiar shore
I've walked so many times before.

this island i love, feels so right, even being alone
i have grown so.
found many pleasures stored with sunshine and my friends
the fishing boats, were so much more.

the occupation of many who come miles
to find their dreams and peace near the waters
i too, found life to compile.

but when the sky lets loose with a cold and lonesome rain
my smiles disappears, beneath the rain drops.
Thoughts come in questioning honesty
the might not be. ..from another that had no meaning.

many questions remained unanswered when i left
then i found this little bit of heaven with light around the bend.

when i walk the humble shore, i bow my head, even with the
cold and lonesome rain, knowing there was a reason
my destiny was to lie ahead, just beyond the sun.

By girlsisy

© 2017 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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