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A Once in a Life Time Moment

It’s been called ‘A Once in a Life Time’ moment
It’s also been called ‘A Now or Never’ sign
Call it by any name you like, but know that
'Chance' has always preferred a prepared mind

There are never any ‘Heads-Up’ given
Advance Notice - that is never done
By searching in every persons eyes that you meet
Only assures the results you hope for will never come

The ‘Once in a Life Time’ you seem to always be able to find
The ‘Now or Never’ signs that you believed you could see
They always left you disappointed - time after time
Every one of these moments existed only in your head
Playing cruel tricks on your mind

Then one day – when you least expected it, came a moment
A moment that never - not in a million years, could you have foreseen
A moment of clarity – in which, for the very first time
You realize that everything you thought you knew; and had seen
Existed only in your deepest desires
And lived in your wildest dreams

Your ‘Now or Never’ Moment - That ‘Once in a Life Time’
It only reveals itself to us 'Once in Blue Moon'
To show you that everything you have dreamed of can be real
And that it does exist; and not just in your mind
And it’s right here, and it’s right now, standing right in front of you...
What are you going to do?

Loreen Parke
August 5th 2017

Written for the 'Blue Moon' Challenge

By Loreen-Parke

© 2017 Loreen-Parke (All rights reserved)


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