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The Mountain's Love

From a knoll looking high into the sky, the mountain all alone,
Alone so far away, nothing moving, quiet, yet alive with noise
Sun catches the sparkles of snow like a kaleidoscope of colors
Moving throughout the blue sky mixing yellows, blues, greens

In and out they go, weaving the wonder of nature,
Hearing the wonder, yet words not spoken, but we hear
Trees barren of leaves, yet strong and straight; how can this be ?
Grass brown with cold, yet waiting for spring to be green again

Animals there not seen; they to wait patiently for the time
Coming for all to change
The mighty trees, barren, yet strength so strong you can feel it !
The mountain casts a shadow throughout the valley below

Almost like a beautiful blanket of protection
Waiting, waiting, it will know, then it will pull the blanket
Back, the spring in, and the sunshine through
What wonders come from the mountains, the trees, the flowers ?

Only time will tell, yet we still will only wonder, how ?
The mountain's quiet smile shines throughout the land,
Snowcapped with lights throughout the land
It's brightness lights our way throughout all time !

By Mario William Vitale

© 2017 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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