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Iím all here
Letís be clear
Iím all yours
Eternally now

Now or never
Tomorrow waits for no one
All we have is this time
To make a little rhyme

The clock may then be still
Only this moment we can feel
Itís all the time weíve ever had
These strangers hands we grasp

Yesterday youíre a dream
Tomorrow your just my imagination

My lonely one
Yesterday has gone
Time is melting
Tomorrow may never come

Youíre sparkling like a star in the expanse
Melting like a snowflake in my hand
If I could stop the world
And admire you
For a second
Iíd behold the truth

Letís make a memory for tomorrow
Forget your regrets
Leave your sorrows
Donít waste precious time with worries
All we have is now
Shouldnít we hurry

No shadows of yesterday
I pray
No clouds of tomorrow
Just let these mortals live
On the time theyíve barrowed

Because tonight
We want to live
We cannot steal tomorrow
And yesterday wonít forgive
Can we barrow a touch
For the moment
Time is melting

By Celestialand

© 2017 Celestialand (All rights reserved)


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