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For The Good Times
Summers were fun times in the country.
My cousin and I were thick as thieves.
We'd sit with our elbows on the window sill
Counting raindrops falling from the eaves.

Forever working toward our first million
Down at the riverside capturing frogs.
Fishermen promised a handsome price.
It would be as easy as falling off logs.

Those intelligent frogs saw us coming.
They took shelter under huge lily pads.
We soon abandoned that venture
Feeling like silly cads.

We were back to counting our pennies.
Nickels and dimes filled a candy sack.
The old mercantile brimmed with goodies.
Anticipation kept us coming back.

Our bicycles became escapes to adventure.
We imagined them, golden steeds.
Without them summer would have been a washout.
To that fact we both agreed.

We raced our bikes past a decaying church
Every time holding our breaths.
Whenever I remember that scary vision
I break out in a cold sweat.

From the graveyard we heard howling
Suddenly a blue-grey vapor arose.
Time seemed to stand still for us,
And at that moment we both froze.

How does one explain such an vision,
Was it fact or our overactive minds.
We can laugh about it all today .
Recalling summers and the good times.

Simplicity host Sharon
when I remember___ I break out
in a cold sweat
_that scary vision_

for Diane

By Mariannajo

© 2017 Mariannajo (All rights reserved)


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