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Global warming is a warning....
Global warming is a warning.........

Mother earth is faltering due to global warming
Today man Ėmade chemicals causing ozone depletion
Thousands of species becoming extinct due clearing of rain forest
Poisonous gases and spillage emitted daily from factories and Mills
Receding of Coral reefs due to global warming threat to marine life
The mess created by our own hands, threatening the very existence of human race
Man has woken up is it too late, and still no answers.
Manís threat to nature has dire consequences by Mother nature
With the earths volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and earth slips Mother nature is angered
With the interference from Man with Mother nature, can the world survive?
Global warming and chemicals has taken its toll on Mother Nature, and scarcity of Water.
Can the world be saved against this wanton destruction by Man?
Humanity should band together and curb violence against mother nature
Allow mother nature to recuperate and heal by growing more trees
Respect Godís gift of nature without causing further damages
Educate people to save the world from utter destruction
Advise people to use alternate source of energy to bring change to the environment
Energy efficiency could also be obtained by educating people to create awareness
Fossil fuel from gasses should be done away with due to carbon emissions
Let Mother nature take care of waste products by re-using it to grow.
Let all the people of the world band together to heal mother nature for the future generation

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka
All rights are reserved @ 2017 - Ravi Sathasivam

By ravis

© 2017 ravis (All rights reserved)


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