Never Lost
Never Lost
(dedicated to John with love always)

memories drifting
not easily forgotten
never to be lost

Whenever I remember that morning in April, I break out in a cold sweat. It brings to me the chill of shock and the coldness of grief. It is the sweat of denial and uncertainty. And the tears? Oh, how they clung to my heart and nearly defeated my spirit. And yet I survived though it took years to believe in myself again and to find that person I could still be without you in my life. I survived because you were never far from my thoughts and your faith in me carried me forward. You had always done so from the day I met you. Together we raised a family and though times were often tough, we made it! I relive so many moments we shared and it is those memories that have helped me to survive and live and breathe again. No, I cannot erase that morning and those memories are not easily forgotten but it is the other memories that overshadow and lighten my world. It is those memories that are never lost!

a variation of a haibun for the Simplicity challenge
host: MissSharon (Sharon)
phrase: whenever I remember that morning in April, I break out in a cold sweat

By Myrna D.

© 2017 Myrna D. (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Simplicity SFITB Challenge with MissSharon (Sharon) read page for rules and REQUIRED PHRASE (challenge has been closed)

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