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We often ask our self's why?

Why we often ask ourselves
Times we feel like a statue on a shelf.
Why does a baby get killed before it's birth?
Why many don't know God sees all on earth.
Why do we find a baby in a garbage can
Why was the little child beaten with her Mothers hand
The little boy shot by a person going by in a car
Why is little child hiding in the hall?
Children are a gift from God above
Why so much hate no love?

We often ask our self's why?

Why does many get abused
Feel so dirty so used?
Why does one suffer for years
Why are some afraid to have tears?
Why does one die so young of age
Why is the world in such a rage?
Why does one suffer pain for years?
Why so many whys so many tears
Why killings, abuse, disease. like cancer
Why so many questions with no answers.

We often ask our self's why?


By just_little_me

© 2017 just_little_me (All rights reserved)


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