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The Realities of Dreamworld
Fantasy Peak casts a shadow of doubt
Upon the Low Plains of Illusion.
No light can be found
South of this mound.
Its people reside in confusion.

People therein are just dwelling in Dreamworld:
Live just for moments then ride in
Excuses they find for
Moral decline--
Just alternate styles to hide sin.

'Noone's responsible.
Don't try to change!
Must be genetics,
Or maybe disease.
Might be your mother--
Boundless the range:
Childhood complex?'
Excuses for sleaze.

'Figure environment.
That must be it!
Victim of circumstance.
What can you do?
Don't fight your hormones just
Go throw your fit.
Winning's impossible.
You're fortunes fool.'

'What is a moral and
Who sets the rules?
God is a myth if you
Haven't yet heard.'

Social acceptance without
Any clue.
Future events can't be
Seen, vision's blurred--

Blurred by the darkness for
Morals are wise.
Freedom for all is just
Slightly restrained.
Selfish and greedy have
Nothing to prize.
Freedom for ev'ryone.
Noone is drained.

Unlike today where we
See people harmed.
Profits are gained by some,
Others are killed.
Industry, politics
Have many charmed.
Wealth is obtained, but who
Is it that's billed?

We're not advanced! The most
Savage of times!
Violence and sex have become
Ways of life!
Gratification of
Self involves crimes
If it inflicts upon
Others its strife.

'Censor perversion?
Now where is your head?
Who's judge and jury? I'll
See you in court!'

Freedom of speech and
Profanity wed
Freedom to kill just use
Words like 'abort.'

'Freedom of choice: I'll blow
Smoke in your face
Simply because it's what
I want to do.
Free to express my thoughts
Though they debase.
Teach anything but
Religion in school.'

Call me not pessimist.
I have a hope
Though I'm not vain as to
Rest it in man.
All is accepted but
Blindly they grope.
Purpose in life? They just
Can't understand.

Deep satisfaction is
Better than fun.
Joy can be fleeting if
Constantly sought.
How much is left after
All's said and done?
Wisdom that's evident--
Joy is not bought.

People can recreate
Seeking life's highs,
Say they evolved and are
Programmed that way.
That's the full story?! Then
I want to die!
Pointlessly living from
Day to each day.

People accept too much
Not asking why.
'Tolerate wickedness.
Open your mind.
Find an excuse for it.
Don't even try
Fighting your instincts.'
Darkness can blind.

Why does this world
Accept without question
Teachings and doctrines that lower esteem?
Theory is taught.
Reality's lacking.
Teaching the truth is considered a scheme
Making its teachers
Worthy of jest, e'en
jail, or best yet guillotine!

By Shawn M. Roeder

© 2017 Shawn M. Roeder (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - A Bird's Eye View, Anew :) (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - A Bird's Eye View, Anew :) (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - A Bird's Eye View, Anew :) (challenge has been closed)

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