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Our Bess
OUR BESS (from the Library Staff)
Like the Queen,
Our lady in charge!
We come in smiling, even knowing,
the day will be busy, sometimes even hectic but
A good day, with Bess poised and all aglow
Her morning greeting brings a smile, it is simply
Her style, warm and caring with a silent invitation
To do 'Your' best!
She never groans or moans, at least not so we can hear it.
She never frets that I forget and sing out loud, a melody,
Best of all she makes it so easy that here at the library
We are a family of friends with deep respect and Bess, our lady
Sets a dedicated, winning pace.
Wednesdays are her favorite days as she gathers books
For Story Hour, soon surrounded by children with excited
Voices and eyes, waiting to hear her voice to take them on
Journeys they will not soon forget.
How happy they are, leaving with books from this happy place
Brought on by her lovely voice and smiling face. She adores children big and small.
She wraps them in story land wonder, giving each adventure all that is needed for the magic books can bring to make hearts sing.
Nothing soothes the ear like her 'Good Morning, How may I help you!' on the telephone.
We find her to be a mother hen, mentor and friend.
How we will miss her, we can't begin to say.
This is not goodbye Dear Bess, in our hearts you will remain,
Forever and a day!

Dedicated to Bess Haile Director of the Essex Public Library in Tappahannock, Virginia since 1979 Retiring
this September 2017

Entry for the Just For the Love of It Challenge hosted by Kajuncutie

By Cynthiaapwlts

© 2017 Cynthiaapwlts (All rights reserved)


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