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Loves Bond
Loves Bond

I'll hold your love
Right here in my heart
Keeping it close by
When ever we're apart

This love that I hold
That I hold here for you
Will last for-ever-more
And always remain true

This love that we share
Like none ever before
Grows As sure as the waves
Splash upon the shore

I'll hold your love
I pray you'll hold mine
Because it was built to last
Beyond the end of time

Love was meant to share
From one heart to another
A stronger bond than glue
The best is with two lovers

Love is a true bond
It will stand the test of time
Like a string of yarn
It keeps the hearts inter-twined

Love is the treasure
You won't find in an old chest
It beats there in your heart
At times you'll get no rest

So bring your love to me
And give me a share
No I'm not demanding it
I'm giving you a dare

Then watch how love grows
What I'm telling you is true
And before you know it
You'll be saying 'I LOVE YOU'

Written 9/1/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
2017 norman (All rights reserved)

By norman

© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)


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