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Serve God, loving one and all
To accomplish anything worthwhile, it takes a really great big smile
To speak the truth, enjoy your youth, never ever let yourself get riled
Loving one and all, keeping them from the fall, help them to walk tall
No insinuations please, obeying God, serving him only, heeding his call
Fearing no man, only God, for he will lead you home, never more roam
Be patient and kind, keep a clear mind, when life is cold, do not condone
Enjoy the gentle breezes, as the ground freezes, keeping your self warm
As the sun rises high, never to deny, do that which leads you back home
So simple, so easy, sometimes queasy, loving all people, service enriched
Blessed by a Holy God, He leads us forth, God's loving mercy, convicts
Amazing grace sent down from God, his son, grace applied, none denied
Serving God our goal, his love unfolds, protects us from the serpents lies
The greatest loss, to waste our life, and live never to speak oft his word
So others may come to know an awesome God's proven proverbs

By olderandbolder

© 2018 olderandbolder (All rights reserved)


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