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Yankee BlueBloods
                                             'Yankee Blue Bloods'

We summer jammed hard in late oceans breeze,
steel blue guitars smoking those notes with ease,

Growing up Yankee blue bloods, man we had it all,
pickin with the Greenland boys, springtime, summer, fall.

We haven't hit the Jukebox, or all this worlds a stage,
we just keep on strumming, getting better with old age.

Backyard parties, good harmony, we were gathered all in song,
Skynard, Floyd, Bad Company, has it really been that long?!?

Tearing up the strings all night, we were blazing to the beat,
kicking back with cheap old Beer, just tryin to kill the heat.

Ya'll remember Zeppelin, singing Grateful Dead with Richie B,
rolling, laughin,raising hell, Freddie Carter and Ole J.C.

Chicks were just as fun and hot, the steel guitars caught fire,
we all seemed to groove as one, as the music took us higher

They play a little slower now, coz good wisdom take its place,
the steel guitars still scream out loud, filling that empty space.

Lay your weary head right down, and rest in silence Richie B,
One last time we play for you, Marshall Tucker's 'Can't You See'

Growing up Yankee blue bloods, man we had it all,
still holdin on to childhood dreams, before we take that Fall.

Growing up Yankee blue bloods, man we had it all..............
Yea, Growing up Yankee Blue Bloods, Man we had it all!

Dedicated to Our Leader; Richard (Richie B.) Brackett;

By: Tom Caswell 8/16
(c) 2016, All Rights Reserved;

By tomkatmandoo

© 2017 tomkatmandoo (All rights reserved)


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