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Gone Too Soon
She's an angel now, She has left this earth
She has always been one since the day of her birth
When she got his call, She went to Heaven above
She left behind so many that for her had a heart full of love
Can you picture her? A beautiful Angel, Oh wow
You thought she was beautiful,You should see her now
She has a beautiful smile and a halo on her head
Her beautiful gown, And wings that she can spread

I know her face lit up when she saw others that she knew
Her cousin her grandma, and her great grandma too
As she looked around she must of thought, What a beautiful place
And she must of thought how lucky she was to see Jesus face to face
She must of wondered why he called her home all alone
Then she heard a voice say, 'Welcome to your Heavenly home.
You see I've been looking for someone to bring much joy to others
To light their hearts like your grandma`s and great grandmothers

You're so wonderful So beautiful, so sweet and so very kind
I could look the world over and I don't think I could find
another Angel so perfect as you to even play the part
That's why I called you , I know I broke your mother's heart,
Your dad's, and your brothers ,Your aunts and your grandpa's too
When I saw how wonderful you were, there was nothing I could do
But to call you home ,to have you share your love with others up here
Heavens a beautiful place, but I needed one more angel dear.

I'm sorry I broke your mothers heart and others too,
In time they will realize how happy I have made you.
You`re standing there now a big smile on your face
I can tell you're just in awe at this beautiful place
Your face lit up there's a shining glow shining everywhere
Now your family knows you are in the best of care
Go by the other angels and spread your angel wings
As all the angels gather together and all the angels sing.'

They can see how happy you are here in Heaven above
Watching over all of them and sending down your love
Everyone said you were gone too soon, way too young
But God called for you in Heaven, now your new life has begun
Now you'll never suffer or have anymore pain to go through.
A life of joy and happiness has been handed to you
Because God saw a beautiful angel full of love
He chose you to come to his home in Heaven above

I wrote this for Rick (John Boyle ) His 14 year old granddaughter
passed away Sat from an Asthma attack.

By Libra

© 2017 Libra (All rights reserved)


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