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Hot Momma's Coming To Town
Hot Momma's Coming To Town

There she stands
In her skin tight jeans
If you see her in her cut-offs
She looks so good, yet so mean

With her shirt tied
In knots around her waiste
With all the guys eyes
Looking on for just a taste

And that big hat on her head
If she raises it her hair will fall down
It's faster than a heart attack
On how guys jaws drop to the ground

Oh and those pretty eyes
That haunting shade of blue and more
You better watch out boys
Be very careful what you wish for

She's not to fat
Yet, not to thin
The way her body moves
Should be some kind of sin

They say she's a 'devil's child'
But most men won't care
They fall for more than her demples
Each one just wants thier share

Oh to watch her walk away
As if her body's playing a melody
That no one's yet written
Boys, that should be a felony

They say she's from the country
But you'll always hear a sighing sound
Everytime word starts spreading
That 'hot momma's coming to town'

Yes boys, she's the package deal
A package all wrapped up into one
The first man that lays a hand on her
Will be answering to her daddies gun

Oh don't get me wrong, boys
She could have any man she wants
But she has more fun this way
As she comes to town to tease and taunt

She loves to ride her horse
As much as she likes to dance
Every now and then she'll lead one on
Have them believing they have a chance

For now she'll play her 'tease game'
Until she meets her playful match
Then it will be to late by then
As thier souls on fire will surely catch

Written 9/15/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
2017 norman (All rights reserved)

By norman

© 2017 norman (All rights reserved)


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