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If I But Ask

I who claim but normal human weakness
NEED oft' reminding Who is in control.
HIM Who knows our foibles and obliqueness,
IN Him we trust, we honour and extol.
MY weakest trait, succumbing to things tempting,
LIFE would be better, yielding not to these,
TO find I am all luscious things exempting,
SURVIVE in health, my conscience to appease.
IN recollection, I am not alone,
THIS strength I need is mine if I but ask.
WORLD issues are so great, how can I moan,
AND selfishly take from the greater task.
OVER the great urge to seek fleeting pleasure,
TEMPTATION can't reach me if I have its measure.

Quote: Albert Pujois

BT Solution: Tempting

By cherryk

© 2017 cherryk (All rights reserved)


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