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a day without you

A day without You
is like a day
without the dew
on the flowers,
after the rain...

A day without You
is like a day without
feeling lonely and blue.

A day without You
is like a rainbow
without its colors,
never to be shown.

A day without You is
like the sky without
the stars,
no where to be

A day without You
is like a bee,
no longer to make
His work is no longer

I can't go without You,
even a day,
cause you see Lord,
there are many also
that need me to pray.

They might not know you,
but they sure need you too.

We all need each other
but first we need You...

Then slowly things
will come together.
The stars will shine
the birds their home
they'll find.

The rainbow will
show its colors,
our minds will
finally be still..

I need you Lord,
more than anything
or anyone.
Everything to you
I bring...

along with praise
and worship,
my heart will always sing.

By girlsisy

© 2019 girlsisy (All rights reserved)


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