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The Baby Boomers
We are a unique group
ruling all the time
Howdy Dowdy and Mickey Mouse Club
the beginning of our prime
Bandstand was our favorite show
dancing to each tune
Donald Duck and Goofy were a big boom
playing under the street light
jumping a rope
hide and seek
fun galore
begging for a nickel
to catch the ice cream man
swinging on a swing
tied to a large tree
those were the days
growing up so free
we are called the boomers
special as can be
remember Christmas morning
Santa still lives on we know
toys underneath the tree
nothing electronic did show
hand in hand to school we went
with friends to cherish each day
memories of this
slowly fad away
times were good
everything seemed free
years gone by for each of us
a thought for you and me.

WE Are The Baby Boomers We Rule !!

By Floreann Cawley

© 2018 Floreann Cawley (All rights reserved)


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