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Sunrise and Sunset
Sunrise and Sunset
Photoshop talk Challenge one Into the Light

I get up before the sunrise and praise the Lord
for another day is about to begin with me in
this is good for I can breath talk and say a pray
For my loved ones and the other people whom I do care

I grant it while I am on God's Time his land his earth
I will respect the soil and the dirt
that makes food grow for me to eat
and celebrate life with precious friends I meet

Life could be better if we all could get along
sometimes that is the impossibility we must face
People wanting to eradicate the human race
I pray for those with there minds on war and not peace

May we pray for a better outcome upon the human race
I like the peace that God has promise at the end of life
Where they say may he rest in peace and communion with the Lord
Sunrise and Sunset it's just another day Peace on earth I pray!!!!


Oh the flowers of the Garden of God
They will be the best we will ever see
Life once again will be divine
We will all share in the Love of Jesus Christ

By SuperSlimJim

© 2017 SuperSlimJim (All rights reserved)


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