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Garden of Eden like it once was,
A rainbow so beautiful just for cause.
Remember, it never rained before the flood.
Divided authority, the rain brought mud.
Every man had to work by the sweat of brow.
Now man could feel the weight of the plow.

O one day, it will be normal again.
Family will live eternally without sin.

Eternally peace we will have to reign.
Don't you know? God's Garden well be more beautiful.
Everything won't need rain, but maybe mist.
New, trees will bear twelve kind of fruits every month.

King James Bible ◄ Revelation 22:2 ►

In the midst of the street of it,
and on either side of the river,
was there the tree of life,
which bare twelve manner of fruits,
and yielded her fruit every month:
and the leaves of the tree were
for the healing of the nations.

Photoshop Talk Challenge 2 The Garden Center

Host: SuperSlimJim

By poetalthomas

© 2017 poetalthomas (All rights reserved)


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