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They possess a self-purity of spirit
that empowers them to severely judge,
to reject and vehemently hate
those who oppose their sacred beliefs,
who disown, scoff or blaspheme
their highest and purest of ideals -
their precious and beloved god
who sits at the throne of their souls.

A god of many miles and moons
who has been shaped and distorted
by the sum of their bitter thoughts -
pious ideas that lead to sinister ways
where dark moods swell and explode
and desire for the death of those
who do not worship and revere
their supreme lord of lords.

A solitary stranger in a desert forgotten,
a magnified linear presence,
a humble devil in white clean shoes
who blinds with a pure powerful light
and calls the anguished and disturbed of heart,
the desperate and perplexed of soul
into the depths of madness and terror
to kill and be killed.

By dissolvedlines

© 2017 dissolvedlines (All rights reserved)


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