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when I look deep into your eyes I can see a distant future
filled up with the hope of a much better tommorow
amidst the inner pain & sorrow
love true love is the essemce of my existence
learn to shun the resistance at every given chance
love has gain it also has lost humanities heaviest of cost
your lips permeate my taste of rich pleasure
to quench the thirst of your love
never never met a girl like you in my life
your walk & your talk in contagious
the way that you hold me in your arms
care for me dear child cause I love you

she dances in a ring of fire
yet throws off its challenge with a shrug
they feeling I have inside for you
going to make you mine in every way
eyes, hands & feet
the pitter patter of my heart beat
starting from my head down to my feet
bring my your pleasure my precious one
I love you for my very soul permeates with your tender care

By Mario William Vitale

© 2017 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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