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God Will Lead You
God Will Lead You

he leads you in the path of righteousness,
why does his will often get hidden ?
you must be a willing vessel
God is a good God
he has plans for your life
he doesn't just feed you he directs you
the Lord is my shepard he leads me in the right paths for his name sake
one of the evidences that your in his family is he guides you
vitally important to get guidance to be led by God's spirit
life is compossed of starts and stops
You can't follow a culture that doesn't follow God
today many believers accept the standards cause their politically correct
keep company with wise friends if you want to remain wise
you can't soar with the eagles when your walking with the turkeys
love the poele hate the value system
we got the cart ahead of the horse
you can't look to other sources beside God
many other substitutes beside God
look to God and not to other things for guidance
in ancient times the most common practice for knowing the future is defining the liver
devination is looking to the future without looking to God
you will never know the future by following the horoscope
stop being lead by your circumstances
you can't be led by your feelings
no emotion can stay at the same motion of intensity
want to be lead it started with desire, wanting & craving
stop listening for a voice and start looking for a verse
God's will never contradicts God's will
Ask humbly & ask in faith

By Mario William Vitale

© 2017 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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