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Fatal Attraction

we met at a dance
next wild romance
yet at a glance
there was a glimmer in her eyes
filled with a surprise
as the many years would pass
having every reason to grasp
we both went our seperate ways
getting lost in a purple haze
then one day I heard a knock on my door
as I opened she was standing there without a care
yet this time I was married
still she carried on stronger then ever before
what was her cheif aim & ploy
she wanted me back
I almost had a heart attack
even when I told her no she held on
one thing led to another and we we both under the covers
told her to leave but she soon had some things under her sleave
one night while dining with my family alone
there was some foot steps coming from my cellar something strong
my wife was terrified but I looked deep into her eyes and reassured her every thing was fine
then the she was appearing out of no where with a knife in her hand
a fight ensued she was in no good mood
inside I snapped next thing I knew the woman was on the floor dead
there was many things going on inside my head
now I was convicted of murder but my wife testified on my behalf
it was fatal attraction in action

By Mario William Vitale

© 2017 Mario William Vitale (All rights reserved)


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