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GOALS ( Free Verse )

( Free Style )

Sometimes you believe you're so close to achieve a certain goal,
It has taken you so long, to get there and you've put all your mind and your soul,
You have dreamed so much that this time, one day eventually for you would come,
Perhaps you have worked extra harder, and that dream of yours is about to become

You find that some people don't quite understand it;still they might mean you so well,
You've tried your best to follow the instructions as far as you discerned them, I know,
Along the way you've struggle so hard, you've run your course the best way I can tell,
Some many times you've fallen on your knees, you picked yourself up again and then you were on the go

So you've done everything humanly possible to achieve all your dreams and goals,
Then don't feel so bad when sometimes you've failed at some point, just give to God the control,
We all have made mistakes at one time or another, and when sometimes things go wrong,
Let's believe and keep your hopes up, that something much better is waiting for you out there, in the roll

Who knows! Just pray hard to the Lord, that there's a fresh tomorrow again for you to begin,
Stand firm in each of your goals; envision where you want to go, and not just where you've been.

Dorian Petersen Poter
Aka ladydp2000

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By ladydp2000

© 2018 ladydp2000 (All rights reserved)


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